Vienna Instruments Causing Freeze


I’m using Vienna Instruments to recreate a sax orchestra. I am not getting any sound in playback and when I try to open the Vienna Saxophone plug in, Dorico 4 freezes. This happened when I first upgraded to Dorico 4 and out of curiosity I restarted Dorico 3.5, to see if there was a problem with the VI plug in. After checking that the saxes were working, I went back to Dorico 4 and found that it worked as expected. I wrote it down to an installation glitch and carried on working. When I come back to do more work today, it’s back to no sound and the plug in freezing Dorico 4.

I’ve attached the diagnostic file in case that helps.

Dorico (1.1 MB)



I should maybe have pointed out:

macOS Monterey
3.1GHz 6 core Intel i5
8GB memory

When Dorico freezes, can you please run Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process from the list of active processes, then using the cog button in the toolbar, choose Sample Process, and save, zip up and attach the resulting zip file here?

Thanks for the prompt reply Daniel,

I’ve attached the ZIP file
Dorico Activity (34.8 KB)

I have tried changing the sounds to HSE and also to NotePerformer and both work fine. The problem seems to lie with Vienna Instruments.

I’ve had a quick look at the diagnostics data. There are crash files of the audio engine, so that is the reason for Dorico to freeze, because it is waiting for an answer from a not anymore existing process. I will have tomorrow a closer look and find out why the audio engine is crashing. Stay tuned :wink:

Thank you Ulf, this is not holding me up as I can use NotePerformer during editing, but I look forward to your conclusions.

Hi @Peter_Hawkey , yes, as I already suspected, it’s Vienna that is crashing the audio engine. So please report that to the Vienna guys and also pass them on the attached ips file, they will know what to do with it. Actually, there were 3 of those, but all show the same stack trace, so it’s enough to just send them one. (8.6 KB)

Many thanks to you and Daniel for your swift response. Let’s see if Vienna are as fast…

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I have an update which may (or may not) be pertinent.

I opened my project in Dorico 3.5 and the Vienna works fine without crashing the audio engine. When I close the project and re-open in Dorico 4, it also works. Just to emphasise, I have made no changes to the audio set up of my computer or any programme, all I have done is open the project in Dorico 3.5, then open it in Dorico 4.

This is the same behaviour is experienced immediately after the upgrade. I’m guessing that at some point in the future, Vienna will stop working and I’ll need to open the project in Dorico 3.5, then I can carry on with Dorico 4.

We don’t know under what condition you had the crash in first place, so it is just speculation under which circumstance your project will load and play back.