Vienna Symphonic Library


Since december I work with Dorico (I changed from Finale)
I like note performer but I want tu re-use my Vienna symphonic library. (Special Edition)

Is there an Expression map for this sounds?
If not, can give someone me some help how to do?

Do I rebuild an expression map every time when I start a new project ?

Many thank’s


VSL provides expression maps for Cubase, which will partially work in Dorico.

The maps wcreed mentioned can serve as a starting point, but in the end you will have to make your own. Once you learn to do so you might as well build your own from scratch. That way it will be your architecture, one that you understand and feel comfortable modifying.

Here’s my Dorico library of VSL Expression maps.

In Play mode open Expression Maps and load it in.

Dorico VSL (28.6 KB)