Vienna Synchron Edition and NotePerformer

Hi, I set my Dorico score template to Vienna Synchron Edition. Everything seems to work. Any way this Library doesn’t contain 3 instruments (ratshed, crotales and tubular bells in a range I need)
I hoped, I could set just these particular 3 Instruments additionally using NotePerformer. But…I was not able to. NotePerformer asks me to set the whole template to NotePerformer. Is it possible in general to use within Dorico two libraries at once? In particular Vienna Synchron Edition and NotePerformer?
Thank you

Start with NP then add vsl…

Thank you for your answer. I did. Unfortunately in this case I musst set each instrument in VSL separately. It would be not a huge problem, but…There are for example 15 instruments. I was able to set first 6 till I came to NotePerformer-Instruments. After that I was not able to set expression for other instruments, because there are less lines as instruments in an expression maps window. There are no names of instruments any more.

John Baron, I would be so thankful if you would take a look to this topic in your next session: a question: if I have 15 instruments (Fl, Cl, Ob, CL, B-Cl, Hr, Crotales, Ratched, Tubular Bells, B.Dr, Vn, Vla, Cello, Cb) and I would like to use all voices with VSL, and particular percussion (Ratched, Tubular Bells) with NotePerformer (because VSL doesn’t contain all instrument I need or a range is to tight), how do I set everything properly in Dorico?

Thank you in advance

Have you tried making a new Playback Template…?

Click new, give it a name, and add your VSL template(s) as necessary (add manual), then add NotePerformer (add automatic)

With NotePerformer selected in the entries list (left), add the instruments you will use from Noteperformer (Ratchet, Tubular Bells) in the INSTRUMENT OVERRIDES section at bottom right.
OK, Apply & Close…

I tried it several times but no success. It seams I do not understand something any way. Click new, you mean I add a new instrument manually (when a template is set to Silent?), then set it to VSL Player, choose instrument I need, choose an expression map for it, and then add a next one? When I am finished with all VSL instruments, I add NotePerformer? Then I select instruments left I would like to set to NotePerformer and select there NotePerformer? No matter what I do, NotePerformer insist, that playback template MUST be set to NotePerformer…Otherwise it doesn’t work…Or I still do not understand how exactly it have to be done…

Sorry, I’ll try a more detailed explanation … :
From your initial post I assumed you had installed the recently Vienna released Dorico templates.

  1. Just open your Dorico file, and maybe save it under a new temporary name to avoid problems while you test this method…
  2. Goto PLAY/Playback Template…
  3. At the bottom of the dialog click the ‘+’ button. The dialog Edit Playback Template opens. Give it a unique NAME
  4. Near the bottom left, click Add Manual
  5. Add the required VSL templates …
  6. Next Click on Add Automatic and add NotePerformer from the list.
  7. Click on the just added NotePerformer so that it becomes selected (blue)
  8. Click the ‘+’ button in the Instrument Overrides section on the bottom right and add your 3 NotePerformer instruments (Crotales, Ratchet, Tubular Bells)
  9. Click OK, and Apply and Close in the next dialog.
  10. Dorico should now reconfigure the VST assignment and use VSL for all but the 3 NP overrided instruments… At least it does so here …

Your second explanation was EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks a lot😊 It works! Very happy to understand finally how it works! I still think, that it could be a good topic for John’s monthly tutorials…