Vienna Synchron Player/Piano alway crashes my Hosts Cubase 10.5 and Dorico 3.5

Vienna Synchron Player/Piano alway crashes my Hosts Cubase 10.5 and Dorico 3.5

Hallo Together,( i sent the same Question to VSL… )

now I need your help too…

after three Days of trying everything I know ( even reorganizing VST Plugins)
VSL Syzd-Special Edition Vol 1&2 with the Vienna Synchron Playerand Vienna Synchron Piano always crashes my Hosts Cubase 10.5 and Dorico 3.5!!
Good Luck I purchased Cubase 11 working fine with both VSynchron Players ,
but thats not my goal.
It should work in Dorico 3.5 !!


I made a list in where you can see the strange behaviour of my system.

No Problem

" + " means : working perfekt

as Standalone
VS Player

as Standalone
VS Piano

in Cubase 11
VS Player & VS Piano

in Cubase 10.5
VS Player

VS Piano in CB 10.5

Crash !!!

in Dorico 3.5
other Lybraries for example Noteperformer, Halion Orchester,
NI Symphony, Pianoteq

VS Player in Dorico
If adding as a Single Player/ Track then working

If using as a play template
i can see all slots but library cant be loaded and host freezes…crash!!!

VS Piano in Dorico

total crash !!!

My Backround:
studied Orchester Musician

Hardware Setup:
DAX Pro Audio Notebook Extreme, 17,3 FHD / 1920x1080, nVidia RTX 2060
Intel I7-9700, / 83,6 - 4,9 GHZ Turbo, 64 GB, 416384 MB DDR4
SSD 2,5 Samsung Evo/250 GB, M2 PCIE SSD Samsung Evo Plus / 2 TB, German Keyboard
Interface: UR22mk2

Software: Cubase 11, Cubase 10.5, Dorico 3.5, WaveLab10, NI Komplete UC12,

Orchester Lybraries: Vienna Synchronized Spezial Edition 1&2, Noteperformer ( Trial), Halion Orchester, BBC Discovery, East West Brass , NI Symphony Series, Pianoteq Stage

In Dorico, please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here.
That will also contain (hopefully) crash files by which we can see what is happening.

Hallo Ulf

i am totally new here, so…

I managed to make 2 Diagnostic ZIP Folders on my desktop,i wanted to attach it…its too big…what shpuld i do?

i send you a screenshot…

Probably it’s full of crash dumps. Can you unzip one of them and have a look inside?
There is a subfolder Crashes, that one is probably the biggest. Prune out so that it contains only a dozen, if possible the most recent ones.
Then zip up again and attach.
Alternatively, you could upload to some file sharing service like DropBox and post the link here. Thanks

Hallo Mr. Ulf,

i created a drop- box account and you should be able to have access to it…

i only found data about dorico, latest Crash dumps in Cubase 10.5 dont exist…

Additional Info…i`m simulatensouisly ( sorry, last time i wrote in english is about 33 years ago…)
comminikating with Andi of VSl…you obviouslo know each other…

my Comment:
the really bad thing is, that in my system everything works fine and fast except the combination of Dorico and VSl (Vienna Synchron Player , Vienna Synchron Piano!!!) …



Hi, thanks for the data and for me it was from the beginning clear that Synchron Player is bringing our audio engine down, and that’s also what the crash dumps show.
So you should forward the crash dumps to Andi from VSL. The crashing is not our fault, there is nothing we can do, at least not at the moment.
But why is it working with Cubase 11? I don’t know. Dorico shares the same audio engine with Cubase but Dorico’s 3.5 audio engine is on the same code basis as Cubase 10.5, only the next Dorico update will have the same base as Cubase 11. So maybe Synchron Player will then also magically work in Dorico, or VSL bring out a fix version.

Info for all WIN 10 users:

Hallo Together,

the problem is at least for now solved.

People who have the same trouble, just delete the video engine of vienna synchron player…CPU starts wilth 10%…and with 10 VS Players and Kontakts and 15 Effects ( sonible, steinberg) it reaches 35 %…
thats great.

I love your product.

please keep going to develop it!!

greetings from south germany