View 1 flow at a time.

I have 2 flow, both not completed. When I am working one the first flow, I don’t want to see the music from the second flow at the end. I just want to view each flow by itself.

You can create a new custom score layout and uncheck Flow 2. Use that as your working score.

Something I picked up from Anthony’s amazing videos, and that took some paradigm shifting from me - you don’t have to use ‘full score’ as your working score. In fact, it’s often best if you don’t. Full Score is where all the music lives, including sketches, abandoned idea, variations, whatever. When you need to bring one of those into the ‘real’ score, add that flow to the custom score you’re working in.

I’m with Vilnai. I use new score layouts for working on just a few instruments as well as working on one flow.