"View all" command doesn't zoom out completely


the “view all” command (i.e. the airplane icon) in the montage doesn’t zoom out as far as possible as it did in WL6. It only zooms out for the currently visible tracks. Is it possible to make this command be a true view all and zoom out to display all the tracks and show the whole montage?



You mean you don’t see the whole time (horizontal) or all the tracks (vertical). Vertically, this depends on your screen size, as there is a minimal track height.

I mean vertically, until minimum track height. It zooms out horizontally fine but it doesn’t change the number of tracks visible e.g. if my montage has 8 tracks but I am zoomed in on 1 track, it will zoom out completely horizontally but still only display 1 track vertically.

The vertical zoom is a different command than the horizontal zoom.

Thanks for the reply PG.

OK I see what you mean. The “view all” zoom command will zoom out completely only for the currently visible tracks, not all tracks. The “zoom overview” (shortcut “J”) command from WL6 is not available anymore. Can I request this zoom command be re-instated please? If zoomed in on a single clip, then to see all possible tracks in a 16 track montage using keyboard shortcuts I currently need to press CTRL+DOWN and then CTRL+SHIFT+L sixteen times. I would prefer to have a single shortcut to do this task- I use it very often.



Yes, I will think about it.

Thanks… We miss it like an old friend!