View Automation in the Project Editor

I go back to Cubase after 2 years, now on version 9, and I’m a little lost for automation. For example, for a piano, I see in the midi editor the sustain (CC64), with all the pedal movements, but if I ask this same controller in the track view, project editor, there is a straight line, nothing else. I would like to see the same thing. I know there are crushing options, crossover, etc., but I would only see the equivalent of the midi editor.

thanks in advance

I asssume you activate the “edit-in-place” for midi in project window.
Depending on track controls configuration you may have a button for this on track panel or not. Otherwise menu.

Zoom out vertically a bit in the lower part on the right, and you can see first velocity - and can change that to CC64 if you want.

I’m talking about seeing the automation without activating the edit-on-place. The triangle at the bottom left opens the automation controls and gives the choice of controllers. But if I choose CC64 I do not see the existing processing for this controller and I can therefore modify it. It’s like a layer of extra control, but I want the basic cow, the one I have in my MIDI editor.

When I replaced velocity with CC64 in place, I get spikes telling where it is in normal midi display. Overlayed like you can set in preferences with intensity to see beside notes. You clearly see where there is sustain pedal action.

But the up/down and levels I never see this way.

You want the same curve - you can always convert midi controller to normal automation instead - then an automation lane will show you that.

There are various ways to determine every midi controller and how it is handled. If you make CC64 automation - you get that right away.

I understand that there is no direct option (it is necessary to copy). But I think I have to work differently. Basically, I think like in Pro Tools. Cubase differentiates automation in MIDI editing (including in-place) and automation on the track. I’ll get used to that! Thank you.

When I wrote “replaced” I just select CC64 instead of velocity in the first contoller lane - did not copy anything.
This seems to transfer to normal display of midi part when closing in-place editor.

But it’s nice to see the horisontal travel of the level for pedal, not just the spikes.

Have a look at Extract MIDI Automation:

Just to amplify what -steve- said above, quoting from the operations manual:

“This is an extremely useful function as it allows you to quickly and easily convert the continuous controllers of your recorded MIDI parts into MIDI track automation data, making them available for editing in the Project window.”

Thanks -steve-

Yes ! That’s what I missed. It’ll be fine now.

Thank you all. :smiley:

Good to hear it worked out. :slight_smile: