View/edit multiple Controllers for all selected parts in Key Editor


If I select three parts in three lanes of one track in Project window, I see one controller events for all three parts in Controller lane (See picture #1 attached). And I can edit each controller the same way w can edit an active or selected track note events above. Here in lanes the inactive lane’s controller event are a bit grayed or “behind” the active one. By clickin on an event of inactive lane’s controller “it comes closer” and all other “goes farther”. It’s cool!

Please add this feature as switchable in Parameters, because I think there should be situations when more than three lanes can disturb to understand. (Maybe in multiselection there can be an option for each track - “hide controller lanes if in multiselection”?)

When active track is changed, active controller lane should be changed too.

Visually it can be like I designed in picture #2.

Why this would be great for selected track parts? Imagine you record chello and use Modulation wheel for expression, then you record violas and also move the modulation wheel for your felt expression and so on. Then you want to manage these expressions but change viola’s expression according to chelli expression - a little bit louder or quieter but with the same curve. Now this is not possible even if you draw a new curve and switch to another of selected track to view how far your new curve is from the destination.

Picture #1 - existing situation with multi-selected track lanes.

Picture #2 - my designed curves.