View in Dorico Button

Not sure if to put this in the Cubase Forum or Dorico’s - maybe I’ll post in both.

I know syncing between Dorico and Cubase is not currently planned (and I would guess that it would be extremely difficult to integrate that given the software was not created with this in mind nor developed at the same time.)

I think I have a suggestion that MIGHT be a possibility…

Can we have a Dorico Button that would essentially run an integrated macro (or something similar) that would export any highlighted tracks and open them in Dorico? Think of it as a one-way push for just viewing.

I personally am not a fan of the Cubase score editor whatsoever. Compared to even Logic it is just not really usable and gives me a headache to look at it, but a Dorico integrated push, macro whatever, would allow us to use the beauty of Dorico and see what we have in our midi regions. Even how Dorico handles a live performance play in to how it makes that legiable and make sense notationally is wonderful.

Honestly, I could even make it work without extras you’d get from XLM like trills and whatever. Just seeing clean and clear notes would be wonderful.

That would allow me to say write something by ear and then see what it is I actually played and check I don’t have any wrong notes without having to stare at the piano roll.

Maybe every time you hit the button, it has to open up a brand new Dorico file (For this viewing the notation idea) … no problem. Maybe it can create a temp file that as long as you don’t close it, it can continue to write to that temp file and it will update the Dorico file, I don’t know.

Either way, I know I would not be the only person grateful for the robust DAW that is Cubase and having the option to look at some beautiful notation in Dorico as we work.

This is just some musings I came up with as I was trying to figure out how we could maybe get the use of both programs in a Cubase workflow without having to completely reinvent the wheel :wink:

Thanks for the consideration!


Yes, you got my vote. We have an open in Wavelab button; why not one for Dorico? Good idea.