View individual parts

I am unable to view individual parts from a score using the drop-down menu towards the upper left-hand part of the screen. I used to be able to select indivual parts or full score from this menu. I believe there is a keyboard shortcut for this but it would be nice to use the drop-down menu.
Version (Mar 24 2022)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version

I have heard of this being the case in Play, where various layouts must be chosen from the left hand list, but not in write more or engrave mode.

Hope you get the problem solved.

Welcome to the forum, dwtallent54.

Is it possible that you’ve inadvertently deleted the part layouts? They should show up in the list in the right panel of Setup mode.

If you create a new project from e.g. the Chamber > Brass Trio category, are you able to switch between the three part layouts and the score using the dropdown at the top of the screen?

Do you by any chance have multiple displays connected to your system? If so, do they have different resolutions or pixel densities? If so, try moving Dorico’s project window to the primary display: does that allow the drop-down to work as expected?

You should also be able to switch between the full score layout and a part by selecting something and hitting W (the shortcut for Window > Counterpart Layout).

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I have multiple displays, but matching resolutions doesn’t make a difference. Bringing the Dorico project window to primary display does enable the drop down to function properly. W also works, and using shift+alt+] or [ allows me to scroll through the parts and full score.

(The drop-down menu problem wasn’t an issue with previous versions of Dorico.)