View jumps around when trying to select and input to a staff

There seems to be some kind of a threshold when you try to click on a staff too close to the bar line, it doesn’t want to input on the track that you clicked on, but insted jumps to the top of the page and puts the top most staff into inputing mode. please fix.

Welcome to the forum, @henri. If you select a barline that spans multiple instruments, Dorico doesn’t know which instrument you are interested in, so it chooses the first instrument. I’m afraid there’s not a lot you can do about this, other than double-click a bit further into the bar. Sorry for the inconvenience!

but i’d really like to be able to select consistently the first beat (right now the misclick ammount is about 1/3… yikes!) , it takes alot of momentum away to have to “workaround” (click middle of bar and then move the cursor with the arrowkeys for example) for something as simple as setting the input cursor to input on the first beat of a bar. Could it be that the threshold isn’t exactly optimised for 4k screen or something? things can get a little bit tiny on a big screen… but i love the overview i get working on a large monitor.

well i hope youll be able to look into this a bit, or add a setting for that selection behaviour. I mean my cursor is over the stave that I want to input to of course. I dont think anyone would be clicking the barline over the cello stave if they wanted to start inputing notes to the flutes?


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