View jumps in time after splitting a part

How do I prevent this behavior?

When I split a part (on an instrument track), view moves to another position. It doesn’t happen always, but only when I have view zoomed in so that part doesn’t fully fit into the view and that part is also opened in the lower zone.


Could you provide a video-screen capture, please?

Hi Martin,

Here’s a video-screen capture:

This is on Windows 10, Cubase 10.0.30


Sorry for my delay.

Now I understand it. The problem is, you sync the timeline of the Project window and the Lower Zone editor. Then you cut the MIDI Part. So Cubase selects the 2nd MIDI Part automatically. And because the 2nd MIDI Part is selected, the Lower Zone Key Editor jumps so, that the beginning of the selected MIDI Part is at the left border of the Key Editor. But because the views are synced, also the Project window jumps.

I can explain it and I do understand it from the technical point of view (somehow it’s logical, it’s just a chain of a steps). But I also understand that from the user point of view it’s not really comfortable.

Thanks for clarifying Martin!

Sync is on so I can better see where I’m making the split. So that I don’t accidentally chop off any off-grid notes.

Based on your explanation I’ve figured a workaround: deselect the selected part in the Project window. Part is still visible in the Lower Zone Key Editor, but the view doesn’t jump anymore.

It would be nice, if Cubase was smart enough to not move the view in this specific case. I can’t think of a reason a user would want to have the view moved after splitting.