View just MY Track Presets


I’m trying to figure out how I can view only the track presets that I create rather than viewing mine mixed along with all the Cubase Presets. Just to be clear. So I create an FX track, add the plugins I want and then save the the track preset. When I go to load it into a new track, I have to scroll through ALL the presets. Any suggestions? thanks!

I prefix my names with an exclamation point so they appear at the top of the list alpha sorted, i.e. !BestTrackPresetEver.

Yeah, i’ve been putting a number 1 first but I was hoping there was a better way. Thanks!

To the OP - Have you selected “User Presets” in the Defined Locations, or in the locations selector dropdown?

Thanks for the suggestions. Below is exactly what I needed. THANKS STEVE!