View Markers with TC but have main ruler be bars and beats?

Hi all,

I recently spotted a film using cubase. Easy as pie, created a key command to add markers and the process was simple. However, I noticed that the marker window lists the markers only using the criteria set in the main ruler for the project.

What I’d like to be able to do is view my markers in the context of TC while write my seq using musical touchstones. For instance, setting left and right locators is easier and more intuitive to do as bars/beats, whereas markers would be nice to constantly see as TC. I’ve been able to create a second ruler so that the two play nice, but it would be very nice to be able to have my marker window display the TC and not the Bars and Beats without having to change the main ruler every time.



+1 for being able to set marker type, either musical or timecode.

I want to be able to spot a moment in the film (using timecode) AND the start of a musical moment (using bars and beats) so that if I adjust the tempo track I can see how they relate to each other (also means seeing markers in Tempo track).