View Midi CC from previous region in new region same track?

This is one issue that frustrates me to no end and I wonder if there is a solution to it. I’m recording a part at the beginning of my song that uses midi CC 11 (expression) to control volume. I’m done with this part, move on to a different part of the song, and record a new midi part for the same instrument, but in this recording didn’t use any cc11 automation. I then realize this part is a bit too soft for this section and simply want to draw in a new base midi CC11 amount for this section, but since I didn’t record any cc11 when I played the part in, there is no way for me to see where the previous midi CC11 was left in the key editor. The only way to see any midi CC 11 data it is to glue the region that has the last midi CC11 node together with this region.

Is there a way / setting to view midi CC from a previous region in a new region on the same track? I know how to quickly glue all regions in a track, but then I no longer have my song broken up by what is playing visually. I also know I can just draw in a new midi CC11 node, but I have no basis for what its relationship is to the previous node. It would be cool if cubase had an option to “show all controllers from all regions” and similar to how you can view track automation when read is off, you can view where the CC amount was left off in regions that do not have new recorded data.


Maybe using of MDI CCs as an automation tracks would help your workflow.

Here’s a bit of a “left field” approach :wink:
(for this, it will be easier if the end of the first Part and the start of the 2nd Part are right on a bar-start)…
Even if temporarily, activate Preferences>Editing>MIDI>Split MIDI Controllers.
Now, glue the two Parts together, then Split them again. The last CC# value from the 1st Part is now also present at the start of the 2nd Part, so you can now edit it as necessary :wink:.

Then, I would probably recommend to make a macro for the glueing, and then splitting these events.

A novel idea to have something like this just baked-in as default behavior. But this would be dependent on Cubase’s chase settings in global prefs. ie: It would only be relevant if both Controller Chase AND “Chase not limited to part boundaries” are enabled in prefs. Then you could have a visual reference on-screen of what the last used CC value was for the lane without having to open up previous region(s) and that reference would cue the user into what CC value is ACTUALLY being chased at that point in time without gluing all the regions together.

But like you say, it could otherwise have a visual distinction between being active/chased and just being a reference visual in the same way track automation shows up as “ghosted” automation when Auto-Read is off.