View MIDI Pitch and Articulation on MIDI Note

I’m slowly moving over from Logic to Cubase, and have some questions that probably everyone knows but is new to me.

I’ve watched some videos where on the MIDI editor on the notes it shows the MIDI note pitch and the articulation for that note.

I can’t seem to find where to turn this on. I only just see the MIDI notes without this extra stuff.

Anyone know where to find this?

To show the MIDI note numbers, go to Preferences -> Event Display -> Chords&Pitches. Change the Naming Format to “MIDI + MIDI Note Number”.

The articulation name shows up if you use the info line to change the articulation of that note. This is only possible with “Attribute” type articulations.

To add to Romantiques answer, you have to zoom in (i.e. note heights become bigger) a certain amount before they are visible.

Thanks guys,

I wasn’t zooming in enough. Rookie error.

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile: