View of the numbers of the bass continuous under breaks

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Sorry if, possibly, the question has already been posted.
How do I make the numbers of the bass visible continuous under a break?
I noticed that if I impose any note and then I hide it, the numbers are positioned correctly, otherwise not.

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Select the rest and turn on its Show figured bass property.

Unfortunately, the translation is not clear, I am forced to ask for a response supplement…

Visualizzare il basso figurato?

Within the “writing” preferences?

I believe you can only do this locally in the properties panel.

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In the owned panel, this is seen in Italian.
It’s correct?

Or inside the “typography”?

You have to select the rest.


Alt, stop everything!
My mistake, I clicked on the numbers instead of on the break!
I apologize… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot …

yes, this is not intuitive somehow.
One can’t select the number flag and switch the property.
The usual way I took - and also you took - is to try and try, then after a (frustrating) little while contact this forum, get an excellent advice from pianoleo, then go back to your project, select the rest, then switch the property…
I wonder, wether - in the future - there could be a little mouse over to help.


The relevant page in the Italian Dorico 4 manual is here.

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