View Part - Galley View - Hide Multi-bar Rests

To edit an instrument part in Galley view is useful, as distracting other instruments are cleared away.

However, it becomes difficult to ‘break in’ to multi-bar rests, to insert new material for that instrument. - Instead of clicking on the relevant bar, one has to ‘Shift-N’ into the next available bar and then use Cmd-L arrow (Mac) to slot back to the needed bar, while counting carefully.

Is there a way to ‘switch off’ the view of multi-bar rests in Galley view, when working on a single instrument’s part?

No, it follows the same settings as Page View. This has been requested before.

Thanks for confirming Craig_F.

I switch between multi-bar rests and none often enough that I have assigned shortcuts to them.

W switches between the part (with multibar rests) and the score (which doesn’t) so I guess I usually just hit W when I need to add material. I typically try to write in the score anyway to make sure things like flipped enharmonics populate both the score and part.

You can also turn off multi-bar rests in Layout Options if you really want:

Thanks for the useful tips Marc & Fred.

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