View Scrolls to playhead on stop and suspend while editing function

Hello everyone,

I am new to Cubase and have been until recently a Pro tools user.
I am used to the cursor returning to the starting point of my last playback (return to start position on stop).
I’ve been struggling to find a way so that my view doesn’t scroll back to my playhead on stop but to remain to the point I stopped.I found a workaround using suspend autoscroll while editing, in the autoscroll settings but the thing is that when i am working with this function on the lower zone of cubase whenever i close/open a session the suspend autoscroll while editing switches to inactive (unchecked) while on the project zone remains active.
I thank you in advance for any advice

For the playhead question there is a preference (see image)
You can bind that to a shortcut (for example I assigned it to toggle it ON and OFF with SHIFT + SPACE)

There is a video here from the amazing Greg Hondo:

For the Follow cursor (if i understand correctly) you can press F and in general it is related to this icon in the various views

Hope it helps!

hi there and thank you for responding,but maybe i didnt explain myself correctly.So with the return “to start position on stop enabled” and auto scrolling on, the following happens ,the cursor returns to the point in which playback started (correct) but also the screen view jumps back following the cursor (apparently because autoscroll is on). I would like for the screen view to remain at the point in which i stopped, indepedently from the cursor.Such function also exists in Adobe Audition for example called “scroll to playhead after returning to start point”.

Thanks again

No problem.
Have you tried to press F (as in “follow”) to disable the screen to follow the cursor? In that way the screen will stay fixed where it is while the cursor will get back to the beginning of the playback.
If you then press play and at any point you want that the screen follows again your cursor press F again.

(by the way if you press the “.” (period) on the numpad the cursor will go to the very beginning of the timeline instead of the last playback start)
Hope I understood correctly this time :slight_smile:

Hello again.Sorry for the delayed response.I ve attached a video from protools with i am trying to do.As you can see when playback stops the cursor returns to the start but the display remains at the last position.
Thanks again

OK so here there are the main transport shortcuts:


So we agree that with F you can toggle ON/ OFF your screen
You can pause with SPACE but you can also use

NumPad 0 to start from the last point when you pressed pause
NumPad . to always start from the beginning of your song (time
alternately as the shortcut says you can also use , to go to Project Start

I generally leave them as is but you can for example swap the SPACE to always start from the beginning.

Let me know if it helps.
(hope I got it correctly this time :D)

and this is what @powernemo describes
turn “auto scroll” off

Hi again best wishes to all. You always had it right. It’s just a matter of getting used to “pause and stopping”. I’ll get the hang of it.

Thanks to all.

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