View Set save

is it possible to save the view set on program restart
i use this view

when i save and restart the app it looks like this

(in a live situation it would be nice to have the same screen as before)

Saving a project also saves the current viewset. Views should appear as saved, no?
In addition, you can save and load viewsets.

i tried but it didnt work

when i open VL, the lower zone always shows the mixer (instead of lyrics), on the chords is always the edit-zone on

… we’ll check!


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… it’s fixed and will be added to the next version,

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the lower zone works now and shows lyrics at start, thanks.
is it also possible to deactivate the edit mode “e” on the chord window, at start?


… sure. We’ll check,

… the edit-state will now be stored to a project. Ready with the next version,

Perfect :point_up: