View the last recorded takes under the main track


A bit of a contorted question, hope someone will understand it :slight_smile:

I have a track with over 40 takes (lanes). If I record more takes they will show on the bottom of the screen (lane 41, 42 ecc.). Is there a way to always view the last recorded takes under the main track (basically I’d like to see lane 41 where it shows lane 2, without having to drag them to the top every time).

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

No, that’s not possible. The Lanes are arranged the way they are because a new Lane is only created when needed and each Lane is really just a portion of the underlying Audio File.

Try this on a Track where you have a bunch of Lanes. Grab the lower left corner of the Take on Lane 2 and drag it left which will reveal your first take. And if you drag the lower right corner right it will reveal the third and subsequent takes which were recorded to the same file.

If you are moving the Takes to the top in order to keep track of the ones you like, a lot of folks will color code different Takes to keep track of stuff like that.

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Thanks for your answer.