view two sets of tempo track data at the same time

I have a project with a tempo track with a significant number of tempo changes all along. I wanted to experiment with some changes to that, but keep that one since I’m not sure yet which approach I’m going to want.

It looks like there is no way to have more than one tempo track in a project at a time, but on the other hand it appears that I can use “track versions” on the tempo track in order to have different sets of tempo events and pick between them.

The problem is this… I would like to look at my “version 1” set of events as a reference while working on my “version 2” changes. I can start this way by making v2 be a copy of v1, but once I start making changes, I can no longer look at the two sets of events side by side.

Hopefully I am wrong about that. Is there a way to see both sets of tempo data side by side, like I could if they were on two separate tracks?



Click to the arrow next to the Tempo track name and Duplicate Version. Now ou have 2 versions of the Tempo track and you can switch back and forth. But you cannot see the version 1 data once you are editing version 2 data.

Right, yeah, was hoping there was some way to view and work on them side-by-side. I think it might be tricky to view two different sets of tempo events along a single time-based timeline, but I think it would work against bars/beats. In any case, thanks for the response anyway.

One of the Windows Tools (or Mac equivalent) that I find super useful with Cubase and use all the time is the Windows Snipping Tool (or its replacement Snip & Sketch). Just grab images of what you want to examine for comparison. :wink: