VIEW VariAudio changes?

Hi guys –
Any way to see the changes that have been made within VariAudio?

Selectively pitch-correcting a vocal take. Yes, laborious as it is, if you click each note, you can see whether or not Quantizing or Straightening has been done. But what about manual moves to the individual note segments?

I feel like it would be nice if altered (in any way) segments received a new color or something.

Assuming that doesn’t exist, how do I see the changes that have been made?


I’m sorry, there is no visual identifier the VariAudio object had been modified.

Hi Martin
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I figured I’d know about that if there were – though man, seems like an easy and useful feature.
But is there also nowhere where I can see the VariAudio information at all?

You can see the current value in the the Inspector, once you select an VariAudio event. But again, you don’t see if it’s the original one, or the modified one. So the only one option I have is to Bypass VariAudio and observe, what events move.