Viewing 2 tracks midi but only editing bug

I would like to select 2 tracks and only see the midi of the other track while I edit the other. At the moment this is possible only when you select the draw tool. However, i would like to use the select tool/ draw tool alt modification as well without affecting the track that is not active. At the moment the select tool even when using a mod key/draw tool affects the unselected track even if edit only active part is selected.


Select the Active Part from the Part Editing Mode, please.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 9.19.45

I have tried this setting as well. This does not work the other track will still be selected and editable. There should be an option where you can see the other midi data as “ghost notes” and no matter what tool you are using in the selected active track, it does not select the other tracks and edits them.

Hey there not sure if this is what your after…but you may find that if you switch to the draw tool. That the editor will no longer switch if you click on the others note*
Using the pencil means it’s locked…stumped me for ages

Yes, the draw tool by itself works as it should but I think ideally you want to be able to use the select tool which turns into the draw tool while holding alt to be able to work fast editing midi. At the moment using the draw tool (select tool/alt mod) selects the other track and activates the split tool. The right way the software should work is able to edit all midi or select the track on left window along with the option edit only active track and be only able to edit that track with which ever tool not just restricted to the draw tool.

I agree with you on this one. It took me far too long, it was almost by accident I discovered it. And trying to search for a solution to such an easy question proved quite hard.

For me it should be easy as you click the track you want to focus. The other dims slightly and away you go. Visual but exclusive*

Yes, that would be a good option. Hopefully steinberg fixes the bug or gives us the option to really only edit one track and see other tracks as ghost notes.

Sometimes what we see as bugs others see as “features” lol