Viewing / checking 32bit vs 64bit status of plugins?

Hi there,

Is there a way to check the plugins 64-bit cubase is using are actually 64-bit?

I am concerned 32bit plugins may have installed themselves into the 64bit folder.

There is nothing I can see in the plugin manager (why not? this would be a useful feature)


If I run Cubase 8 in 64-bit mode, my 32-bit plugins are listed as i386 in the Plug-in Manager.
Plug-in Manager.png

You also can see an indicator symbol in your vst dropdown list…

The 3 slashes indicates a VST 3 plugin. The other symbol (three slashed with a top and bottom) indicates a 32 bit plugin and the required VST bridge app when running in the CB 64bit application.

Search the forum using the word “slashes” for some more info about these symbols.

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PRock Studio

Hey Prock,

Indeed, the /// is a good indicator of VST3, but you can also get 32bit VST3 plugs. I’m looking for 64-bit only plugs to see if my frankly awful performance drop is due to a compatibility issue with a 32bit plug.

Richard834 - I will keep an eye out for these!


Same answer I added to your other post…

Maybe you can use the VST Performance Meter to assist with your investigation?
To access it go to devices>VST Performance (F12). I never used this meter and some say it’s worth is questionable but… can’t hurt to check it out.

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Forum user UltimateOutsider has this great tool “ultimate plugin tool” which tidies up installation directories, plus your plugin library and kontakt folders.


I have removed all the 32 bit dll’s. If an installer insists that they are installed I have a folder that has no pathway to Cubase.
If you need to use any 32 bit plugs try using JBridge.