Viewing inserts and sends now more work?

Does anyone else miss the ability to set up individual views for whether you’re looking at a particular channel’s inserts or sends? I don’t like having to constantly scroll up and down or click the rack to view things I would normally have set on a per channel basis in C6.

I like some of the new power features in C7… but I feel like there’s more mousing and clicking than before. A few examples:

– Now having to double-click to open a plug-in window (twice the clicking adds up over several hours!)

– Having to scroll or click to common channel aspects which may have been set up special for individual channels (i.e.: effects channels only showing the inserts)

– Having to open a drop-down window to select channel types that were previously stationed as a simple button to the left of the mixer (instruments, midi, audio, etc.)

Thoughts? Is the new C7 mixer saving or creating mouse clicks in your work flow?

The new mixer is significantly more clicks to use. It is slower, harder to see things, harder to find/distinguish tracks, graphically terribly sluggish once you get beyond 70 tracks or so, requires WAY more clicks to use things, doesn’t play nice with other windows when set to full screen etc… Needless to say, I’m not a fan.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan.


It could be a market move, more mouse clicks = force users to buy touch screens :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I think every one agrees on except SB, it’s a right bloody nuisance but at least you get to learn how to play flams with a mouse!

I will add that I tried to eliminate some mousing by creating new keyboard commands but realized all the common commands are already filled! I’m not convinced that trying to memorize a bunch of new (and obscure) keyboard commands is going to be the solution here…

Yes, I do think the amount of mouse clicking has gone up. I also am not a fan of the new way to numerically enter a send level. In previous versions, you could double click the send fader and type a number. Now you have to highlight the send fader, press the ‘enter’ key and then type the number.


I know!

I would like the old behavior back. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but sometimes I end up opening the send’s plugin instead, when all I want is to select it so that I can press Enter to type a numerical value. Seems more prone to error now.

trying to learn mix console, thinking “why?” all the time

Seems to me what you are trying to do is covered under “Saving Channel & Rack Configurations” in the Manual.


i agree + 1000 only being able to access one plugin at a time on the mixer is not the way forward ,it’s a bloody nightmare , im really starting to dislike c7 now , i didn’t think i would say it but this new mixer is a joke , think i’ll bugger of back to 6.5 ,sod the strip and the resizing of the mixer these so called improvements are not worth the hassle in my book , you’ve lost me as a customer steinberg , i can see the way this is heading and i want nothing to do with yamaha’s work flow ,look at sonote rebeat ffs is thats who’s programming c7 your fucked and a laughing joke .

sorry for the rant people but one plugin at a time and having to click to activate the box on the mixer then double click your insert just to bring up one plugin ??? na it’s 2013 on 1986

I feel the same way. 7.0…I was excited and based on how good V6 was I was expecting a somewhat smooth release…7.01 left me going Hmmm hoping it will be sorted out in the next release…7.02 Now I feel ambivalence I could walk away from V7 and care less.

Who’s bright idea was to have only one plugin gui available for viewing in the mixer? I mean really?

I don’t understand what you guys mean by only being able to view one plugin GUI? Can you explain please?

Also, I think we should keep things in perspective. Software like Cubase is extremely complicated and is used in many different ways by different people. Whenever things are changed, there will always be things you like and things you don’t like. Saying that the new changes have made Cubase a ‘laughing joke’ is not really going to be taken as a serious opinion.

well to me personally only being able to open up one plugin on each channel at a time makes things a lot slower ,not show stopping but a lot slower and the amount of clicks involved now is unreal and unless you have a mixer dedicated controller to assign all mixer key commands to then it’s so long winded.

"laughing joke " is how i feel about the mixing consul work flow , i personally was waiting for 7.2 before passing judgement but now it’s here and what with the gui and meter issues and now workflow issues it’s fair to say steinberg need to recruit new programmers as this mixer is a major step backwards ,the only thing i find useful out of the whole thing is a full screen mode so please steingberg in your PROMISED c6 final release add full screen mode to the c6 mixer

Can you clarify what you mean by only being able to open one plugin at a time? I don’t understand what this issue is?

in c6 you can click the edit button on the insert in the mixer to open your plugin yes ? and you can open more than one on one channel , now in c7 it closes the previous plugin on that channel so you can only have one open at a time

Ah, look - you don´t need the Plugins in the mixer - you can open several of them from the inspector in the project window… - the “feature” has only been shifted… :wink:

Apart from that, the behaviour is the same like in C 7.01 - just set your mixconsole not to “always on top” and you can open several inserts from the mixconsole.
And that´s btw. the same in C6 and C5 - Mixer “always on top” → only one plugin at a time if opened via a mixer button…

hahaha a mind like an elephant and i think you must be on acid as the only way two plug in’s open one one channel is if one is stock and the other one is third party , afaik and ive been trying for quite some time in this gui bugged half a mixer and loudness meter mixer …come on please prove me wrong and i’ll eat my boxers !