Viewing MIDI notes from another event without selecting them

Hi folks. Is it possible in Cubase when I select 2 MIDI events, where one of them contains MIDI notes already, and when I edit the MIDI event that is clean, I could see the notes from the other MIDI event but not being able to select them? I know that I can visualize selecting both events and editing the event that I want to work with, but if I click on a note from the other event by mistake, then the other event becomes active and I wouldn’t like that. Not sure if I am clear with my question sorry.


Yes, you can select, of you want to edit the Active part only or all selected parts.

I think what Daniel is asking is if there is a way to edit notes on the active part while preventing switching the active part to another if accidentally clicking on a note being displayed on the Key Editor for an inactive part. This sometimes happens to me when I edit a MIDI track while having another “reference MIDI track” being displayed (for reference only, with no intention to edit). If I don’t notice that I’ve accidentally clicked on the inactive reference track, I end up editing the reference track unintentionally since the errant click causes it to become the active track. This happens even if you’ve selected “edit active part only”.

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Thank you @Martin.Jirsak and @PeteL for the reply!

@PeteL , indeed! You got what I meant!

Example, I have a MIDI track where I have a pad with chords, then I would like to paint a melody using the chords as reference. In FL Studio for instance, you can have another MIDI event being shown in another MIDI track but without being able to activate the ghosted notes, since I just want to see them as a reference, don’t want to select them.

By just selecting 2 events and double clicking one of them, I need to be ultra picky in how to create melodies without click on the other MIDI note that would activate the other event edit, something I don’t want to do.