Viewing Nuendo with dual monitors

Hi, hopefully this is an easy question.

I use Nuendo 5.0 with two monitors on a Windows 7 64 bit Dell.

When I click to open the scoring page, or tempo map or some other non-main menu, it changes the size of the main Nuendo screen such that it no longer fits onto the monitor. It is usually now larger than the monitor and stretched out such that some of it is now out of view. Is there a setting that I can change to make this not happen?

Secondly, I use a lot of instruments…vst, Korg synths, East West, etc and after creating 20 tracks I end up with 20 open soft synths over on my right monitor. Then if I close them, Nuendo seems to forget which soft synth I had assigned to that track. Is there a way to minimize these soft synths without Neundo forgetting what I had assigned?


Historically the window problem occurs if you maximise your project window. Solution: don’t maximise it; drag it to the correct size.

As far as your other problem I can;t help, because I’ve never experienced that sort of thing (in N4.3).


1st, upgrade to 5.5.3 for gods sake,

2nd, I believe you should start typing names to each of your instrument tracks as they appear on the VSTi window as well. if u’r still using midi connected to f11 menu i’d suggest getting used to these instruments tracks.

keep us updated,

Thanks, I will try that. You are right, I do maximize my window. I will try dragging it to the desired size.

I’m still trying to learn 5.0! Not to mention that everybody seems to complain about 5.5 and 5.5.3 on here…

Yeah, but you hardly ever post “I have no problems”
You can safely keep your version of 5 AND update to 5.5x (at least that’s how it works on os x)