Viewing phasescope while recording in Wavelab elements 12

I am digitising a large collection of archival compact cassettes using a Tascam 122 MkIII and an RME ADI-2 Pro FS R converter. I want to be able to view the Wavelab Elements 12 phasescope so I can do azimuth adjustment on the Tascam to get the best quality analogue signal.
I can see phasescope when I playback a recording but I want to be able to do the adjustment while I am playing the cassette in the Tascam. How do I view phasescope while recording?


Does WL Elements have Tab “Analyse/Audio Input”?
Don’t know if Elements can show phase scope in the recording
dialog together with Tab "Analyse/Audio Input?

But it’s possible to use RME Digicheck at the same time
check routing in TotalMix and Digicheck…

regards S-EH

Thanks Sven-Erik. This worked perfectly and enables me to monitor the input signal while adjusting the tape player azimuth

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