Viewing sections of instrumental parts

Hello, I have a quick question: I have a large orchestral piece that I am working on, and while revising instrumental parts I would like to be able to view a section of those parts, say the brass section or just the percussion section, in order to better fine tune them to each other. Is it possible for Dorico 3.5 to do this? If not, is this something that could be added in a future update?
Hopefully this makes sense, and thanks!

Welcome, wskiwons.

Really the only way is to create a new layout and then assign whichever players you want to it. Then use that layout in Write mode.

Awesome, that was exactly what I was looking for (though it might be more convenient to display this as an option when creating a new tab). Thanks!

A special layout for things you are working on really is a big thing. I use it in all my Dorico projects.
This “work bench” can reduce things to one or two flows or to a subsection of players.
It is so worth getting used to it :slight_smile:


maybe in the future we could have an option like “create a layout from group” when right-clicking on a group we made in the setup panel, to help speed up things ?

Asking for a new layout and then selecting the Player c heckboxes appears to require the same number of clicks as selecting the players and then right-clicking to ask for a layout.

Depends on how you work.
I often just setup my players first and group them in the left panel so that it’s neater, then create the extra layouts if needed.
So with what I propose it would just be one right click to create a new layout from a group, with yours it would require one click per player, so definitely not the same amount.