Viewing single channel in Key Editor


I would really like to be able to filter/focus in a way that allows me to view/edit a single channel at a time in the Key Editor when editing a part which has multiple channels of MIDI information.

I have not so far found a way to do this. Am I mistaken to conclude that it cannot be done?

P.S. For comparison, I note that in the List Editor it is trivially easy (yes!) to use the focus control to narrow the view to a single channel.

Right. Once you are editing a Part you are editing all the data in that Part.

However you can set the notes so the color is determined by Channel instead of the default Velocity, which makes it easier to tell what’s what.

If each each Channel was in its own unique Part then you could select and edit all the Parts at once but restrict the editor to only allow changes to the active Part. By changing which Part is active you can select what channels you are editing.

OK, and thank you Raino for describing a very helpful procedure!

Edit Active Part Only.jpg