Viewing two parts in Key editor but only editing one?

I’m at a loss on how best to do this and need advice. Right now I have midi bell part that has an 8th note bell line, and I like how it was played, but I want to change notes to different parts of the chord. However, I would like to actually SEE the chord changes from another part underneath while I edit, so I opened both this bell part and my sustain chords part. However, it seems when I lasso the notes for the bell, it is ALSO lassoing the notes for the chord part underneath!!

Is it possible to somehow view two parts in the key editor, but only edit one of them? I tried locking the chord track, but this makes it so I cannot even see it in the key editor.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You should be able to select both parts and open the editor. Both should show up. If you select “Edit Active Part Only” button on the toolbar it should only select notes in the currently “active” part.
You can change which part is “active” with the dropdown next to the button, or by directly clicking on a note in the editor.

AWESOME!! Exactly the function I was looking for, but I had no clue how to find it as I didn’t know what it was called!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

update: One small issue though, I want to solo what I’m editing in the key editor, and activating the “edit active part only” seems to make it so only the active part is soloed as well! Turn off “edit active part” and I can hear all selected parts, but turn it back on and I only hear the active part.

Is there hopefully a function where I can hear everything that is displayed in the key editor, but only edit the active part? My current work around is to solo the tracks and not use the solo button in the key editor. Is this how its done?

Uncheck link editors and open the two editors separately or use the in place editor.

You’ll want this button:
Solo Editor.png
Upper left of the key editor, S with a circle around it, tooltip says “Solo Editor”.

Toggle it on and only the active MIDI part will play. You can switch to different parts without having to fiddle with a track solo.

Just FYI for those interested:

It doesn’t exactly work in Cubase 7 the way it used to work in Cubase 6.5 and previous. This is new to Cubase 7. The editor solo button and it’s behavior is now dependent on what the “edit active part” button is set to. IF the “edit active part only” button is selected, the editor solo button will now solo ONLY the active part. IF the “edit active part only” button is INACTIVE, then the editor solo button will play ALL the parts that have been selected for editing in that editor.

In Cubase 6, it didn’t work this way. Instead, when there were multiple parts in the editor, regardless of whether the “active part only” button was on, the editor solo button would allow you to hear all parts in the editor. The change probably has something to do with the changes they made in Cubase 7 to the SAMPLE editor in allowing you to have multiple samples open at once for editing variaudio data.

My understanding is that JT3Jon wants to be able to edit ONLY the active part, but ALSO wants to hear both (or all) parts he’s selected for editing at the same time when he hits play, without having to track solo things. In that case, this will not be possible in Cubase 7. Unfortunately you’ll either have to turn off the “edit active part only” when you want to hear the parts open for editing in context with each other, OR you will have to track solo stuff in the project itself during your editing process.

You could always turn on the “Edit Active Part Only” button while playing and toggle it back when you want to edit. I have that assigned to a key command when working with C7.

Definitely isn’t as convenient as it was in C6, though. This kinda behavior ought to be toggled in preferences.

One kinda low-rent trick I use to see 2 parts in the key editor with notes that intermingle is to take one of the parts and shift all the notes up or down an octave or two so it is above or below the other part when they are opened together. If I want to hear it at the proper pitch I just transpose it back in the tracks inspector. Once done move the notes back to the correct octave. Not elegant, but it works.

Agreed, I had to swap around some key command assignments to use an S key combo for the edit active part only key command to be near the solo key command. I like the C6.5 way better.