Viewing two tracks' MIDI superimposed for comparison? Ie. Aligning one MIDI track data to another?

In Sonar (my prior DAW) there was a way you could open two MIDI tracks on the piano roll with one “active” and the other just there as a ghost so you could see where its notes were to compare. Is there any way to do this in Cubase Elements?

Eg. Let’s say you have a track with bass guitar MIDI, and another drum track MIDI, and you want to view them simultaneously so you can tighten up the timing of the kicks with the bass hits.

How can you see an overlay of two tracks like this or other comparison way of viewing?


No way to compare MIDI tracks? Even side by side for this issue?

This should at least get you most of the way…

Select 2 or more parts and double click. Then it opens up on a new window or in the lower zone the selected parts. Then select in the editor which part you want to edit.