ViHart's "Folding Space-Time" video

Music box, backwards Bach, orbifolds and wooden bowl.
Oh, and don’t miss her other videos about visualizing math in hilarious ways!!!
One of my favorite Youtube channels.

and I thought my old guitar teacher could write music fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty amazing way to think about it.

Chick’s on meth. :yes: :unamused:

So Bach used a paper tape music box to write all those inversions/variations?
Performs actions based on holes in tape. Is it a Turing machine?

Interesting. I have no idea how I would use this, but it’s still interesting :slight_smile:

Only if you envision ViHart is acting as the controller.

Standard notation has flow control information: jump to here, go to start, repeat. So does standard notation represent a Turing machine?

No, it is a formal language … which is what a turing machine implements… She actually sort of states that in the video.

Whoa. Mobius strip in a music box. Fascinating. Makes me wonder what we’re really doing when we write music. I will have to watch more of her videos. Thanks.