Vintage Channel Strip

I installed the demo, my first impressions are, sounds very good.
Are there presets and pdfs for these three plugins?

Thanks, Mike

is there any point to these plugin’s if you can’t integrate these into the c7 channel strip ???

Use them as inserts.
Integrating into the shell would be nice, but also pretty pointless as not everyone has them.

What would make a great feature would be the ability to specify any installed EQ or Comp as the “stock” tool.

Just grabbed these for half price in the valentine’s sale as I quite liked them when I tried the demo.
Pretty pleased about that naturally :slight_smile:

£363 to get these as separate items.
£310 to get all 3 as a bundle.
As download prices, these are not that cheap - it works out in $US at $470 - now compare that to the UAD prices.

No they are not cheap at all! but also have you noticed UA’s prices are creeping up too!
I didn’t pay full price for these, i got all 3 for £155 which i’m really chuffed about!!! :slight_smile:

After some fairly serious usage with them i think the EQ is definitely the star of the bunch, whether or not it’s UAD good is subjective i think but it has CHARACTER in bags with the drive switched in!! sounds like any other ‘digital eq’ without though i think. i used it on my warwick bass which was tracked through my pod using the ampeg svt with 8x10 cab and a bit of the pod LA2A sim, i used the UAD Studer A800 first, then the slate tube channel, the 601 EQ and then the 276 compressor at the end… i used the 206 comp over the bass group with the kick drum ducking it a db or so on a side chain… WOW!!! it’s the classic warwick sound but with a little more bottom end…that amazing ‘vocal/singing’ mid range and dark velvety, hollow bottom that only warwicks seem to have… the reason i got one in the first place!!!
I couldn’t get the bass to sound quite the way i wanted to using just my other plugs but these did the job beautifully!! and for half price!!! :wink:

Good deal - about comparable with most of the UAD strips, price wise (both the 88RS and the SSL are $299)

There is something almost magical about the sound of a Warwick bass - my better half loves her one and it is easy to hear why as they do indeed sound beautiful. The main thing is that it is working for you though.

No more support for this product???

On the new MacBook Pro, the AU version does not work. :confused: