Vinyl Click Removal

I’ve loaded some tracks into N7 from a vinyl album.

Is there a way to remove vinyl clicks and pops within N7? I seem to remember that there used to be a tool to do this, but maybe that was in Wavelab.

I also have Wavelab-6, but can not find anything there either.

Do I need to buy some other tool for this?

I recall a declicker or something along those lines being included with some early version of Nuendo, but I’ve used RX for such a long time I haven’t bothered at all with Nuendo’s restoration features for years.

So, iZotope RX will do the job probably.

A strong confirmation to what Lydiot said. RX.
That is what I use…although you could try manually remove the spikes and fill with some borrowed “silence” from same acquisition. Possibly between songs ?

best of luck

Thanks. I’ll check RX out.

The RX preset for vinyl is just perfect…

RX does control the clicks, but whenever I try to Export a track using Audio Mixdown so that the clicks are removed in the exported Wav file I get a 'Disk Overload’error message and can’t work out how to write the processed file to another audio track to keep it in N7.

I’m probably losing the plot.

You should use the DeClicker module as an offline process (are you doing that?), and then export. If you want “before and after” files, duplicate the track before you process one of them.


+1 on doing it offline. There’s always the history of your events if you want to tweak or undo retroactively.

You can use every RX as an insert but they are really constructed to be offline processes, except for the Dialogue Denoiser that is specifically made to be an insert.

Duh! Why do I never think of using offline processing?

It works perfectly. Just removed all the noise from a really scratched vinyl album. I get the feeling that it adds some vocal sibilance, but that may have been already present in the original recording.

If you upgrade your WaveLab you’ll get the Sonnox Declicker.

I’ll consider that. How do the Sonnox plugs compare to Izotope RX?

The WL Sonnox plugins are basic versions but depending on the source material the results can be good. I’ve tried a demo of RX (3 at the time) and it probably is the Rolls Royce in that price category, but you may ultimately get more value out of upgrading WL (because you’d also then have WL8.5 and everything that comes with that). Don’t forget as well that the Sonnox plugins are also in WaveLab Elements 8, however there’s no “downgrade” path from WL6 to WLE8, but then WLE8 is not expensive; you might find it useful to try the trial. One other advantage of WL is that there is a way to use the WL Sonnox VST3 plugins in Cubase (I don’t have Nuendo, but it’s surely the same).

One thing I will say is that in my experience, simply putting a declicker across the master buss generally does not give good results, and whereas there’s always the “wow!” factor, careful listening usually reveals too much has been removed from the parts that don’t contain clicks. There are some restoration experts over in the WaveLab forum, however, who would have both and thus be better able to advise on the choice, and of course it also depends on how much material you are expecting to process, whether the higher-cost solutions will pay for themselves.

The Sonnox restoration plugins I tried during post production were inferior to RX I felt. Mind you, it was some time ago, so my memory might not serve me 100%. But I just felt that RX’s bundled processors were on a completely different level in terms of versatility (of the whole bundle) and were just a bit better.

Having said that I think MrSoundman appears to make some excellent points in his last post.

Thanks for all the info.

I think I will go with the RX plugins.

I don’t need to update Wavelab right now and you seem to think the RX are better than the Sonnox versions. They are certainly working well for me so far.

Many thanks.

RX is amazing, you can’t go wrong there.