Vinyl Restoration Question

Hi there,

New user here that has bought Wavelab Elements primarily for ripping and restoring my vinyl collection.

My initial impression is that I am very impressed with the software, but I don’t seem to be able to find any way of eliminating subsonic rumble, under around 20Hz.

I guess what I am after is a high-pass filter with a minimum cut-of in that region; FWIW I have looked at the Studio EQ and the Gate plugins but neither seems able to target this area effectively.

Am I missing something obvious? Any tips would be much appreciated.

Hello, have you tried Sonnox-DeBuzzer (included in Elements)?. Set the frequency around the one you want to eliminate, or, second option, go with Steinberg Studio Eq (included) using an extremely narrow bell around the frequency you want to remove in addition to a Hi-pass filter (included in StudioEq).
(the frequency shown in SEq is to allow a clear vision of the filter). Adjusting the Q factor the filter goes more and more steeper.

Thanks for the suggestions, but I don’t believe I can get the effect I am after with those tools.

What I really need is a filter. I guess I’ll have to try to find a third part VST plugin that does the job, but I must admit I am surprised this isn’t included as a standard feature.

Thanks again for your reply, but I can’t get the curve to both remove unwanted subsonic content under 20hz while at the same time preserving useful content in the 30-50+ hz range, and unfortunately neither can you looking at your screen shot.

I suspect the Gate plugin is the effect intended to use for this, but for some reason the cut-off frequency does not appear to go below 50hz - is that a bug I wonder :question:

Anyway, I have found a free third party high/low pass filter VST plugin, but I find it disappointing that this fairly basic functionality is not provided out of the box.