Vinyl Static

I used to love the sound of vinyl, but after listening to few older vinyl sets, no way! Ill take a digital release any day of the week.

Funny how things changed for me.

I asked once a colleague, vinyl lover, why he thinks vinyl is better than CD. He said “it is the noise, that is a sign that it is a hifi sound”.


To me it’s mostly about context. If I’m in a certain environment then vinyl can sound great. Like a vinyl record played back on certain types of speakers. Maybe functioning as background music at dinner or party or whatever.

Trying to get everything out of music though? I’ll take well produced digital any day.

The Sound of vinyl, has a lot to do with the limited dynamic range, limited frequency range, and that the low end is mono.
Things we all can do in digital.
Well and add noise to taste (rain drops or ocean waves works for me)
I don’t miss my vinyl cracks and clicks, so annoying.