Vinyl to CD via LE

I haven’t found any other posts about this so I don’t think I’m going over old ground and it might be pretty obvious, but it still might be of interest to someone.

There are lots of ways of connecting up to do this, just use the easiest for you, but here’s what I did. Make up a lead comprising a ¼" stereo jack plug to two ¼" mono jacks plugs with one mono jack connected to the stereo tip and the other to the stereo band. Connect your record deck to a stereo amplifier as normal and plug the stereo jack of your made up lead into the headphone socket of the stereo amp. Plug the mono jacks of your made up lead into Line in 1 and Line in 2 of your audio interface and set the line inputs to stereo, (but see note below).
Load Cubase, new project, and create two audio tracks. Set both tracks to to record and play the Vinyl to set the audio levels. Record a track, get rid of all the clicks if you want, they’re easily identifiable on the audio waveform as massive spikes, then mixdown, save, convert to MP3, (in iTunes if you haven’t got an MP3 converter). When you’ve recorded, cleaned up and saved all the tracks burn the lot to CD.

Like I say, it might be pretty obvious, but it works very well.

If you’re not using an audio interface then you could try making up a lead of left and right phono plugs to a 3mm stereo jack plug and plug your record deck output directly into the computer’s stereo line in. Haven’t tried this but it should work OK.