Viola just won't do the playing techniques

The viola part in my piece just doesn’t play the staccato right. It seems to be playing it as a percentage of the original note, instead of the staccato sample from the sound library

In the playing techniques lane in Play, when there should be a staccato marking, there’s just natural instead. All the other strings are correct. I’ve attached photos for reference. Thanks for any help.

[Must. Resist. Viola joke.]

The most logical reason is that either the staccato keyswitch is not triggered correctly, or not yet present in your viola expression map, that’s most likely the reason why it stays at ‘natural’. I would advice to check this first and add, or change, it to the right key, probably the same key as the one that triggers staccato in your violin library. .

The keyswitches are exactly the same in both (A#-1), but that still deson’t explain why the playing techniques lane is showing it as natural.
I really can’t figure it out.
It’s the HAlion Symphonic Orchestra VST so I doubt that’s the problem.

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