Violin 1 & 2 separate divisi brackets

I’m writing an arrangement that will include a quotation with the start of the last movement from Symphonie Fantastique.
Berlioz wrote divisi a 3 in both first and second violins.

In the Berlioz score I have, the divisis are grouped together with a brace. I would like to mimic this but with brackets instead.

The problem I have is that Dorico bracket all 6 staves together. It’s possible to turn this bracket off, but that leaves the divisis unbracketed and I can’t find any similar option that relates to divisis. Is there some function that I have missed that could do this?

Assuming you’re using 2.2, you could use the new custom bracket and braces function in Engrave mode. I haven’t tried it on divisi, but I feel pretty certain it would work, as it’s almost universally customizable.

Ah, thank you! I was looking everywhere in the settings and didn’t even think about looking at the graphical buttons in engrave mode!
I felt I was missing something.

There is a layout option ‘Instruments of the same kind within a bracketed group’. If switched on, Violin I & II are sub-bracketed together, like divisis, which is confusing if there’s also a divisi within one or both violin groups. I’d like the option to always have sub-brackets for divided groups, but never bracket Vn I/II together (and hence, have separate brackets for divided V I and V II).

In the usual symphonic setup, Vn I/II are clearly different groups. They hardly ever play the same notes, and in general always have their own parts. Some conductors even prefer them not sitting next to each other. Vn. I/II should not be considered a “quasi-permanent divisi of all violins”.

Of course, I also tried a custom Bracket and Barline Change, but if I delete the V I/II bracket at the beginning of the piece, I also lose all divisi brackets further on, which is logical, because it’s an override of the layout options.


Where can I find this option?

Best wishes

Layout options (shift command L)<Brackets and Braces

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