Violin Concerto Layout

In a Violin Concerto, how do you get Dorico to show the Solo Violin part on its own separate stave, and not as part of the string section? Did a search, couldn’t find. Is it just a matter of ‘breaking’ the bracket at the beginning of the flow, or is it more complicated than that? (I will want the Tempo and other System Stuff to appear above the string section as well as above the Solo Violin and above the Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, etc.)


The bracketing side is easy - drag the brackets/braces in Engrave mode.
For System Object positions to show above the Solo Violin and the String sections, you may need a workaround: rather than using an actual solo Violin player for the soloist, use an instrument from a family you’re not currently using (Hurdy-Gurdy?), then bracket it by itself and move to the correct location.

I note that Dorico’s a bit glitchy when it comes to reflecting these changes. You may find that after applying these changes to bracketing (and the Layout Option for System Object Positions) you need to close and reopen the layout for existing System Objects to show at the correct locations.

I am working on a violin concerto score and I’m running into the same problem that I can’t get System objects to appear above the solo part. I tried changing the solo violin part to an Ondes Marteno and then showing the system objects above the electronics section. The problem is, I really don’t want to have a single-instrument bracket for the solo part, since I was relying on the absence of the bracket to give more vertical space above and below the solo part. If I delete the bracket, the system objects stay for a little while, but then suddenly disappear while I am editing the score. Any more ideas to make system objects appear above a single instrument that’s not in a bracketed group? I would love the option to choose to display system objects above any individual line in the score to avoid all of these gymnastics in the future.