Violin gives up quarter tones

Can someone cleverer than me figure out why the microtones in this little duo do not always play back as they should? It seems like the violin gives up quarter tone playing from bar 29 onwards?


Moro for (1.1 MB)

I have just listened to your document and I do not see the problem you are describing. All quarter tones are audible even from bar 29.

Thank you for your swift reply. How is this possible? The problem persists for me.

I have the same problem as Rune if I use HALion for playback; but with NotePerformer, the quarter tones continue working after bar 29. Weird!

If I change from HALion Sonic SE to Symphony Orchestra, the quarter tones get in place (but then the rest of the playback gets far farther from the truth).

Where can I get NotePerformer, btw? :slight_smile:


Hjertelig takk, Frank!

Had a look at your file (great work btw!) and it seems to be a bug in Sonic SE with strings patches, as other patches work. Pretty weird…