Violin harmonic

Wondering if it is possible to notate this violin harmonic so that it plays correctly?
Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 2.15.50 PM

Not much info there, I’m afraid. What do you think should be the sounding note – looks like a high F# but I don’t see how you get that? What partial have you used to get the screenshot (I can’t actually replicate it myself). I’m sure if you give more details and ideally attach the project (or the relevant extract), then someone will be able to help.

You can suppress playback of that staff, add another staff and put it there as a natural harmonic. You can then remove that staff (divisi or extra staff) and it will still play back.

F# is correct of course!

Sorry–all the info is there. Violin fingering (touching) B on the open D string yields the high F# harmonic. The B is not a position option in dorico’s harmonic generator, I’m afraid, so I will have to notate and suppress playback.

I can accomplish it just suppressing the D and the B in the same staff, but wondering why this is not a finger position option in the harmonic generator in the properties panel.

exactly – that’s why I wondered how you got your screenshot I was assuming it was from Dorico, if that’s not the case then of course all is explained and there isn’t a problem at all – you just do a hidden staff with the correct playback (using a natural harmonic as @SampoKasurinen has suggested).

Should add though that this leaves the sounding harmonic as a diamond notehead–which I guess is OK? The extra staff thingy makes me itch.

It would be nice to have a native way to notate those - also with the open string notated in brackets or hidden.

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I asked exactly this question in this topic and was told that this has been requested before but it is not yet possible indeed. Hopefully it will work in the future.

You could also hide that and add another (normal) bracketed note in still another voice and suppress playback of that one (and hide the stem).


Thanks! Seems like it would not be too hard to implement, given that the harmonic generator is already there. Hopeful—I do like the effect of this particular harmonic better than the artificial on F#.

I doubt it’s ever as easy as it looks to someone who does not have to implement it.

Who knows? The other nodes are already there–if there is an obstacle, you are correct that it is above my pay grade.

The touch-sixth natural harmonic (at 2/5 of an open string’s length) is a preferred way to invoke the fifth partial on many string instruments. It has been discussed and requested on the forum before. Rest assured it’s on the developers’ radar.