Violin I & II instead of Violin 1 & 2


When I add two violin staffs (tutti) they automatically have the labels “Violin 1” and “Violin 2”. I can change the instrument name but the numbers stay the same. These automatically added numbers are fine for WW and Brass for example. But I want the violins to be labeled “I” and “II” while other instruments are labeled “1” and “2”, for example “Trumpet 1” and “Trumpet 2”. Is this possible in the current Dorico version? If not, is there a way to turn off that instruments have numbers automatically as it is possible not to show transpositions in instruments when it’s turned off in the layout options?


P.S.: Thank you very much, Daniel and the Dorico team, for this first version! I’m really looking forward to the things that will come in the next versions!

We don’t yet have support for Roman numerals in staff labels, but this is planned. I’m afraid you can’t currently turn off automatic numbering either, but this too is planned.

Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for your quick reply! Good to know that it is planned in future updates! Great!


Hi Daniel,

Can we turn off automatic numbering for the Violins yet?


The option that Vanderlang was looking for in October last year was added a while ago, and is indeed I think the default, but apparently, mountain music, whatever you’re asking about is something different. You can’t disable automatic numbering for multiple identical (and identically-named) instruments, but if you edit the name of one of the violin instruments to be e.g. “ Violin” or “Violin “ that will stop the automatic numbering, because the names will no longer be identical.

Hi Daniel,

What you suggested doesn’t work. See screenshot. There is no way to edit the name of the instrument: if the word is Violin, Dorico automatically adds the instrument number. If I take of the “n” out of violin then the numbers disappear.
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 7.42.05 PM.png

mountainmusic, what Daniel has described works absolutely fine on my machine. It doesn’t look terribly pretty because the added space in the name is shown on the page, but it DOES work.
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 18.50.58.png

Daniel’s suggestion even works, if you add the space before the instrument name. So you won’t see the extra space on the page.


I missed the addition of a space. You are right. Sorry about that.