Violin Problems

I just upgraded to Dorico Elements 5 today, 6/13/2024. The violin part doesn’t play unless I highlight the whole rest in the measures where there is no violin music yet.
Hope that you can see the screenshot.
Thanks for you help.

![Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 5.02.58 PM|690x388](upload://2gQ5jeqbQOTLngcOWerWbhA0Biz.jpeg

The screenshot does not work. In any case, the project would be more useful (and probably vital in this case?).

Try resetting your Playback Template first:

if you want all instruments to be played back, don’t select more than one note in a staff. To Dorico this means “I want to hear this stave exclusively”.
It is best to select f.e. a barline or just a clef
(before pressing P or hitting the Play button)
to get all instruments to playback.