Virgin Terr.: DON'T read auto if located where none exist

Currently, when writing automation the first time when using VT there is automation written wherever one writes it (of course), but there is also an automation node written at the beginning of the timeline. Unfortunately the system reads automation data from the “last” or “previous” node when locating on the timeline. Locating on the timeline in this case meaning pressing stop (when in play), clicking in the arrange window (background or ruler), or cycling back in a loop.


  1. You have engaged VT, no automation has been written yet.
  2. You locate to the middle of your timeline, press play, write automation.
  3. You locate back to a point before this, say 1 third into the timeline. Automation is now read from the beginning of the timeline. This automation is, as far as I know, the same as the beginning of the automation you wrote in step 2.
  4. You press play and are free to move parameters as if they were not automated.
    5-a. Someone yells “Hey Frank!” from the other room and you press stop before writing this new automation
    5-b. You reach the end of the loop you’re in and it cycles back to the beginning of the loop, before writing this new automation

result: automation parameters re-read from the beginning of the timeline and your newly tweaked settings are gone.


- have automation read ONLY where it is written

Nobody uses VT and sees this as an issue then?

No, I don’t see this as an issue.
As the idea behind Virgin Territory is that you can write automation in a gazillion smal segments all over the timeline of your project, your case story would apply to any area which has automation written to the left of where you are currently working. Or am I misunderstanding the issue?


I probably should have phrased the request better, but I will edit it. I already explained the problem in two other threads, and I know you were in at least one of them.

Let me illustrate the problem by asking you a direct question:

- With VT, why would I ever want automation to be read when locating into an area without automation?

Your question makes sense to me, if I understand you correctly.

While in virgin territory you adjust fader level for the record pass. When you rewind back (still inside VT) the fader jumps to previous automation point value and your setting is lost. Not very logical indeed.

But it is the nature of the thing, not some Steinberg invention. Euphonix S5 works this way too. If there is no previous automation point, it looks for the next one. To get what you want, you would probably have to switch automation from isolate directly into recording I guess.

Exactly my point.

I’m sure it’s working as intended, otherwise I would have called it a bug. I think it would be an improvement to get rid of read during the circumstances mentioned. It would be more logical and more intuitive.

Currently, if one risks this nuisance, the better option is perhaps using preview instead. And, of course, once one starts doing that the whole VT concept becomes kind’a moot.