Virgin Territory Bug?

Is this a bug? Please watch the two videos: Both Virgin Territory Automation have an endpoint of -2db.
Video 1: Fader always reaches -2db exactly when there’s a flat line ending the virgin territory
Video 2: Fader ends at a different value every play through if the endpoint is the end of a ramp
Anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

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I have seen this in, but in Cubase. I don’t have the slightest clue why it happens though.

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Thanx for quick response and confirming. I think this is quite disturbing, since the difference is up to 0.5db. I also tried with panning and send-levels and it’s the same behaviour.

Maybe buffer size plays a role, but I can’t say I have looked into this too seriously. I just noticed recently that a motorized fader would stop at different points while replaying the same fade-out.

At first I thought it was the physical fader’s fault, but then I saw that the current automation values would also settle at different numbers on consecutive passes of the same material. So, it might be worth looking into this more closely. I will keep an eye out but will not post here in Nuendo anymore, since there are differences between Cubase and Nuendo. I just wanted you to know that I’ve seen this too.

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