Virsyn Plugins no longer load GUI

Hi. I recently returned to cubase 6.5 to work on a project with another producer and I have noticed that since installing cubase 7, none of my Virsyn plugins’ GUIs load. I can hear the effect, but can’t modify any parameters. If the plugin is left on active on the channel too long Cubase will crash. Has anyone encountered something like this and do you have any ideas in how to fix the issue.

I have tried trashing preference and re-installing the Virsyn plugins without success.

Aloha t,

Same exact situation here with a musically colourful lil
3rd party EQ called ‘Vibe’.

And as you put it:

I can hear the effect, but can’t modify any parameters

nails it.

The only fix I have found is to go back to 32 bit mode
operation of the OS and Cubase.

But it’s not worth it for me.

HTH (hope this helps)

There are sone other issues with Virsyn’s plugins on 32bit with losing parameter settings with the song. Maybe its time to put out a ticket if they’ll have me.