Virtual Analog Tape Machine's

Hey Guys: Saw an ad for Virtual Tape Machine’s on the back of a
Recording Magazine today. Kinda interesting.
Is there something like this in Cubase 6 :question:
I know about the tape saturation pluggin,
in Cubase 6.

Just Wondering :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t know about one bundled with Cubase 6, but:

Yamaha/Steinberg have something similar.

Hey Thanks Shinta: Looks kinda cool.
Can I achieve some of these Analog Sounds with
Datube thats in C6 – Light Saturation etc.
Or is Datube used for more of a Guitar Effect :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Tube distortion can be added to any instrument and vocals.
However, (AFAIK) tube distortion and analog tape distortion are different sounds altogether.

Ya–Thats what I Thought. I’ve got a friend that swears by Analog Recording (everything)
I keep kidding him “Don’t ya think it’s time to throw away that Analog Tascam cassette Porta-studio”.
He snarls at me alot. Virtual Tape Machines seem like something for the near future though.
Along wth High Sample Rates and High Bit Resolutions.

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile:

PS: AND I HOPE WOW & FLUTTER and TAPE HISS are included :laughing:

With included w/f and tape hiss :laughing:

Universal Audio’s – Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102 plugins
look pretty nice.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I’m sorry I laughed at the HISS part.
Universal Audio definitly makes Hiss part of the sound.
Hmmmm So much for DBX Noise Reduction

PPS: Thanks --Split for the Link :smiley:

Check this out
It’s by Jeroen Breebaart, costs 15€ and is convincing. There is also a demo.

I watched, and listened to some of the Youtube video presentations of the Slate VTM.

What I heard was very subtle, barely noticeable. I guess some users of Tape Saturation plug-ins seem to like the effect, but it did not make me go WOW ! now it sounds like a 2" tape recording :smiley:

Using high-quality EQ and Compression Plug-Ins, and sending your mix OTB to a quality (outboard) Pre-Amp and Compressor does a lot to improve the warmth/analog factor, plus the overall depth, and width of a stereo mix. You can hear it right away ! and even say … WOW What a difference !


I think you need to download a demo and abuse the hell out of it to get a feel for what it does?
These audio demos are too short and too subtle to make a difference.
Here and there it was audible that something happened but it might as well been something else.
On the other hand what could they do.
They couldn’t exaggerated because then the comments would have been flooded with “Too much, u r returds!”
So trial versions could be useful.

It is also additive. Insert a tape sim on every track and you will really hear it. console plugs are the same, like slate VCC, which is actually link able.
I also agree : Quality outboard will not be replaced by a tape sim plug but I don’t think that was what he was asking?

Woodcrest: You might be right–Its BIGGER---- I guess my Title should have been
"Analog vs. Digital—Which is Better :question:
I keep getting Hammered once a week or so by a friend who swears by
Analog—he even said to me that his Tascam 4-track porta-studio recordings sound better
then your stuff made in your computer, I just :laughing:

Also good article here on the marriage of Analog and Digital recording
syncing a DAW with Analog tape machines using Tape for Drums and Bass
Hybrid Analog/Digital Recording | Written by Geoff Gray

I used to have a tascam DM24 digital mixer a while ago. I remember pulling up mixes from back then the thinking “wow” that was a fricking nice digital mixer.

So, to make the topic more grey, I like both but today 100% of my gear is analogue except the converters but then again, it all starts there unless you are sequencing in the box.

Ya know Having Cubase and Virtual Tape Machine pluggins in one package IMO
alllows me to do things that only the MEGABUCKS studios of
the 1970’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s were doing. I could never afford 2-inch tape machines
or SSL mixing desks or Neuman Microphones. I always used TASCAM but wished I used STUDER.
But for Studio owners today when asked by a client if you could record Analog
I suppose it’s a big plus to have access to Virtual Tape Machine pluggins
and say yes I CAN :wink:

Jack :smiley:

This little thing here> has fascinated me for a while, I’d love to try it but have never got round to getting one, no digital modeling in sight.

This topic is of particular interest to me. I’ve looked at ToneBoosters before (but never tried them) and have always wondered if they are worth the money. Does anyone have any experience with ReelBus? And is Jeroen Breebaart a good VST developer? I see he has a Ph.D in signal processing and found this page but thought I’d ask here.

Not here. I only use uaudio’s kHz enhancer every so often.

I have slate vcc too and use it even less.

Tom, you don’t count because you have access to hardware that I’m sure many of us don’t. I know I don’t.